Incentive Group Travel & Events

We create and manage customized experiences

Incentive Group Travel & Events

Travel constitutes a vital element of every incentive rewards program. Whether you are offering an individual option and rewarding a couple the chance to explore their dream destination, or providing a group rewards event where winners can bask in each other’s success at a beachfront resort, a meticulously crafted travel experience will forge enduring memories and loyalty for your company. At Gapp Group, we advocate for tailoring each reward with the traveler in mind. Whether you’re looking for help with a business meeting or an exclusive high-end trip to a far-away land, reach out to us for a pressure-free consultation. Let the expertise of Gapp Group demonstrate why selecting the right partner can make all the difference in the world.


Years Industry Experience


Traveler Satisfaction


Boost of Employee Engagement


Improved Sales Performance

Creating Memorable Experiences

Incentive Group Travel

Customized planning based on your objectives

Dealer Sales Meetings

End-to-end meeting management

Business Meetings

Full meeting coordination based on stakeholder goals

Trade Shows

Support internal Teams to maximize ROI

Regional Meetings

Full meeting coordination based on stakeholder goals

New Product Introduction Meetings

Support internal Product Groups to achieve successful results

Travel Management

Before, During & After, We Are Here To Support Your Needs

Pre Travel Planning

Identify Client needs, goals and objectives.

Site Selection

Collaborate to secure the best site location for the event.

Custom Event Website Design & Hosting

Communicate all program and registration content.


Including theme and logo design, print materials and marketing campaigns.

Airline Ticketing

Provide cost effective travel services.

Experienced On-Site Management

Highly experienced staff to handle all program needs.

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