About Gapp Group

Gapp Group is a global, full-service, technology-centered company specializing in designing and managing B2B (business to business), Employee, and B2C (business to consumers) programs to provide value-added benefits with client-centered service.

Gapp Group’s services are founded on our understanding of the challenges surrounding our client and their customers.  We know the important role that effective programs play in growing and retaining your customers.  We clarify the challenges, evaluate them and apply them to our solution design and core services.  In addition, we create our own added value based on our diversified empirical values that have cultivated over time.


Our mission is to make our customers successful by "filling the gaps" with profitable solutions in the loyalty and ecommerce spaces.

Our Leadership Team


Steve Puchalsky

Head of Sales & Marketing


Garrett Lehman

Head of Technology


Amy Dobelmann

Head of Client Success


John Ebann

Head of MOR Services


Mike Farmer

Head of Travel Services

Filling the Gaps: The Essence of “GAPP”

In the dynamic realm of technology, where innovation is the currency of progress, Gapp Group shines as a beacon of transformative solutions. At its core lies a simple yet profound concept: "GAPP." But what does this word truly signify, and why is it so central to the Gapp Group mission? ...

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