Meet Mike Farmer: Incentive Group Travel Expert

Those of us privileged to work in the dynamic world of travel and hospitality, particularly if you’ve been focused on incentive/reward products, know that although the job can be unrelenting in terms of long hours in planning, lots of worries about little details that maybe no one else may care about, and unimaginable pressure while trying to manage dozens of “supply chain partners” that you really can’t control, there is one amazing reward (beyond the paycheck) that renders it all worthwhile – seeing the world in ways few others never will.

Amazing Events in 88 Countries

Over my 35+ years in the industry, and yes, the plus side continues to extend its reach -  I’ve had the opportunity to travel to, explore, and orchestrate memorable group events in 88 distinct countries, from tiny little Andorra to the uniquely exotic Zimbabwe. Beyond being able to experience the iconic landmarks that many only dream of visiting, the best part of my job is crafting a unique event for a client that they could never imagine for themselves. For example, many groups go to the Louvre, but how many experience a private art class in its hallowed halls? A Roman Toga party in a hotel ballroom is always entertaining, but what about creating a private medieval renaissance fair, replete with jousting matches and chariot racing, amidst the grandeur of one of the region’s many castles?


Partnering to Enable Success

Now, you might be saying to yourself, “I don’t have the kind of budget for those things.” But maybe, just maybe, what you lack is not budget but rather the right partner at your destination. A partner worth having is someone whose goal is to push the boundaries, strive for the unattainable, and yes, even take a little less profit in order to make you look good for your clients. After all, isn’t this what your clients should be expecting from you?

While I invariably outline a basic itinerary when proposing a destination, I am always open to, and investigating, new options based on the target audience and their budget. I’m also keenly aware that my success is intricately tied to the many personal relationships I have forged around the world with industry names that are indeed legendary.

Sharing My Journey

Over the years, many of my friends have implored me to write a book about my unique travel experiences, but truth be told, I don’t believe I have that kind of talent. However, I do want to share highlights from some of the destinations I’ve worked in, along with an anecdote or two, through a bi-weekly blog series. Each installment will spotlight a chosen destination through the lens of group travel, offering insights and inspirations to pique curiosity and expand horizons. The goal of the blogs is to educate, entertain, and maybe inspire someone to consider a location that was never on their radar.


What Gapp Group Can Do For You

At Gapp Group, we specialize in curating unique travel experiences for clients who want to step up their game and turn “that was great” into the “I can’t believe we just did that!” Doing that is not always simply about budget. It’s about having a partner that is passionate, experienced, knowledgeable, and connected. Contact Gapp Group and let us show you why expecting more should be the standard, not the exception.

Stay tuned for my first blog in a few weeks which will unveil tales from the Caribbean. Think warm breezy thoughts and I’ll see you there!


Mike Farmer

Head of Group Travel

Gapp Group