Gapp Group Unveils Exciting Rebranding Initiative: A New Chapter Begins

Gapp Group proudly announces the launch of a complete rebrand, marking a pivotal moment in the growth of the company. This strategic endeavor reflects the company's commitment to growth and its unwavering dedication to providing solutions for clients and partners.

Embracing Change

The rebranding initiative represents a significant milestone for Gapp Group. By revitalizing its brand identity, Gapp Group aims to better align with its evolving vision, values, and goals while staying ahead in an ever-changing marketplace.

Modernized Visual Identity

A fresh new logo and visual identity have been crafted to reflect the company's forward-thinking approach. Gapp Group’s mission is to make customers successful by "filling the gaps" with profitable solutions in the loyalty and e-commerce spaces. The unique new wordmark logo was designed to represent a creative way to symbolize “filling the gaps”.

Enhanced Messaging

Clear, compelling messaging has been developed to communicate Gapp Group's core values and its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.


Gapp Group is a global, full-service, technology-centered company specializing in designing and managing B2B (business to business), Employee, and B2C (business to consumers) programs to provide value-added benefits with client-centered service.

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