The Hidden Values of Group Travel

Let’s face it. When it comes to rewarding your top performers in the world of incentives there are numerous excellent solutions. When incentives first became “a thing” back in the 50’s, the hot product was watches and other fine jewelry. This eventually gave way to merchandise catalogs, group and individual travel rewards and finally financial cards. To be totally honest, they’re all great options when used for the right audience and program goals. However, today lets highlight the often-overlooked benefits of a Group Travel Reward.

Rewards Managers often underestimate the unique opportunities that can only be gained while on a well-designed group travel program. Winners have the chance to meet senior executives, ask questions and share real-life work challenges. Top performers can influence rookies and impart some of the “tricks of the trade.”  Spouses can share in their partner’s success, potentially motivating the employee to work harder to earn their way on the next trip. While an incentive trip shouldn’t solely focus on education, properly designed business meetings can be added, potentially earning the sponsoring company a tax write-off. Another benefit is branding; surveys indicate that winners take pride when they see their company logo in unique places like the bottom of the pool or crafted into the sand on the resort beach. Additionally, on-site gifting provides an opportunity to offer winners items like designer sunglasses or Bluetooth speakers, creating lasting memories of the trip.

Students watching chef teacher in cooking class kitchen

When designing your trip, it’s crucial to know your target audience. For instance, a group of high earners might not be motivated by a fun n’sun all-inclusive trip to Mexico, and conversely, a younger, more blue-collar audience might feel completely out of place at a luxury destination like Villa ’Este. That said, while the destination itself is critical for motivating your audience, customizing your program content with unique, private events is equally important -- from things as simple as a late-night Texas Hold’em tourney to a sophisticated celebrity chef-led cooking class/dinner.

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